Truth in Brands

We uncover the truth in a brand’s promise, because by knowing the truth a brand can act confidently and authentically.

We do this by reviewing brand values, redefining their positioning and articulating brand strategy. We name brands, create and manage brands and develop their visual and verbal identity. We design and we consult.

Armed with the truth, we build performance culture and a communications framework. So the brand has the materials and motivation to fully deliver its promise to the audiences who count.

We do this in four interlinked stages:



Uncovering the undeniable truths that drive a brand or organisation to make it unique. Listening, learning, questioning & analysing.


We define and express the brand structure and ideas that sit at the heart of the transformation change that you want to make.


Embedding the idea and strategy within a brand or organisation, through rigorous training and development.


Overseeing and evolving the brand over time. Allowing it to grow without diluting its essential character, continuing to motivate and express what’s true.