What we do

We are a branding, marketing and design agency specialising in ultra-luxury lifestyle. We use design to solve our clients’ problems, work closely with them to develop robust brand strategies and sustainable growth.


During the recent global pandemic period, our clients have relied on us to create fast, flexible and decisive communication plans. We continue to help them prepare for an unpredictable and highly volatile marketplace.


Pixie Agency specialises in creating effective brand strategy. Working closely with stakeholders we engage teams and empower them to plan for a successful future. Now more than ever, our clients are adapting to new customer behaviours and employee working practices, rebooting their brand strategy and creating performance cultures. We have been helping them do this through virtual workshops and socially distanced team exercises.


Our studio has created a wide variety of brands, but we specialise in the ultra-luxury lifestyle sector. Our approach is to rigorously research the market, conduct deep competitor analysis and only then work on visual identity solutions. We create meaningful rationales behind each branding option and then work with our clients’ teams to bring them to life.


Today customers have the entire world in the palm of their hand. It has never been more important to be actively online. From SEO planning to full website design and UX/UI development, we understand what works for our clients online.

Content Production

We produce photography, video, illustration and animation; from storyboarding to large copywriting and editorial pieces, we can produce inhouse, on location or use a network of local, trusted collaborators, particularly where Covid-19 restrictions have prevented international travel.

Marketing & Social

We provide the full range of marketing services and support for a number of our clients. Working with clear KPIs, we define sales objectives and create tactical plans that are measurable. From visualising data & business performance to activating social media plans, we bring marketing to life with clearly documented results.